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    “The first farmers’ cooperative of its kind”


    Yunnan Bayang Professional Cooperative was established in March 12th 2019 with a registered capital of 1 million RMB. When it started, the coop had 22 members, including 18 farmers from different regions, 3 local permanent residents and one foreign owned enterprise – Danyun.

    The Bayang Cooperative was started by local farmers with the support of Danyun. The cooperative represents a new way of being a cooperative and doing business, never before seen in China. All the leaders in the coop are democratically elected, all major decisions are voted about by the members, and all the members are involved in setting the direction of the coop and its products. When the coop was founded, the members voted for the following values to be at the core of the coop’s work:

    Bayang’s values
    – Grace and mercy
    – Upright and just
    – Be selfless and devoted to others
    – Generosity and giving
    – Be faithful and persevere
    – Help each other for mutual benefit
    – Be responsible and do your best
    – Be united and progress together

    These values put Bayang Cooperative apart from other farmers’ cooperatives and the conventional way of doing business in China.


    Bayang Cooperative has a high standard for each step in the process of making the tea, from the soil all the way to the finished product. The soils of the farmers’ gardens and the tea leaves picked have been tested to meet EU organic standards. All parts of the processing of the tea leaves is tested and held to the highest standard to ensure a healthy, clean product of high and stable quality. To ensure that the farmers can meet and maintain the high standard, trainings are provided to improve the farmers’ skills in growing and making tea. This way, they can offer a premium quality product, whether they sell their tea to the Bayang Cooperative or to an external buyer.

    With the business philosophy of “Together, we have strength. Healthy, we guide our lives”, our vision is that Bayang Cooperative will become the benchmark of the industry!

    As the first member of the WFTO in China, Danyun makes sure that all the Fair Trade principles are being followed in the cooperatives work.

    The Bayang Cooperative is a pilot project to test this new model of building a farmers’ cooperative in China. The project is still young and the coop is trying its way forward, or “crossing the river by feeling the stones” as one would say in Chinese. If it proves successful, the model can be imitated to establish new coops in other areas of the Yunnan province, and eventually all of China. Being a pilot project, a lot of time is put into exploring different ways of developing the coop and training the members in all parts of the work, from growing tea plants, to making and marketing products, to managing finances and management of the entire operation. If you would like to contribute to this project, please head over to our Donation Page. A donation to this project contributes directly to the capacity building of the leadership of the coop, the development of the farmers and by extension the well-being of the communities and the people in them.


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