• T-project

    The first World Fair Trade certified company in China

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  • Tastes of Yunnan

    Experiencing the province of Yunnan via variety of Fine Organic Tea tastes

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  • Women with Hope

    Braking out of the cycle of poverty and giving a hope

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  • Threads of Yunnan

    Exploring traditions of Yunnan province via unique handicraft products produced by the locals

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Welcome to Danyun, we’re glad you’re here.

It is at the center of everything we do as a company – inspire the people to better their own lives, make advances with new technology and training, and raise the standard of living permanently. Danyun believes in generating sustainable rural development by creating new business opportunities, micro-enterprise projects, and fair trade products.

Danyun partners with over 200 women in handicraft (Threads of Yunnan) and more than 600 families in the tea project (Tastes of Yunnan). In addition to the handicraft and tea projects, Danyun is involved in community development through training and education, as well as assisting the communities they are involved in with building houses, schools, clinics, clean drinking water etc.

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