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    Danyun is a for-profit-nonprofit organization with a mission to bring prosperity and Hope through partnerships with a focus on Yunnan.

    – A Partnership in Hope –


    At Danyun, every product has a true story behind it. These stories are uplifting. They are about freedom from poverty and achieving basic human rights, such as access to food, shelter, education, and basic health care. And they are stories about equality and dignity for all people.

    For nearly 25 years, Danyun has practiced core values that create positive change through lasting partnerships and trust. We believe in building environmental, economic, and social sustainability. We esteem cultural traditions that nurture the human spirit. We aim for the highest quality of products and service and we invest in sharing information with those we serve.

    Danyun works to eradicate poverty through our direct connections with low-income artisans and farmers. We market their crafts and foods, find joint solutions to their challenges, and help them grow and embrace the future. Danyun is the first International Fair Trade organization in China and have been a member of World Fair Trade Organization, WFTO (formerly IFAT) since 2001.


    Our work encompasses more than just buying and selling. We strive for meaningful action that drives real change:

    We pay for products in advance
    We teach new skills so they can develop their craft
    We provide financial assistance so they can expand their resources
    We support equal rights for women.
    We guide sustainable development.
    And of course, we pay a fair wage.

    Danyun believes in generating sustainable development by creating new business opportunities, micro-enterprise projects and Fairtrade products. We have more than 18 years experience of running the handicraft project Threads of Yunnan which involved more than 200 women, and over 10 years experience of working with the tea project Tastes of Yunnan which still involves more than 600 farmer families.


    During the last years Danyun has used the experience from these projects to help locals to start up and run their own influencial business, with sustainability and fair trade at its core. The focus is on training and equipping the people to run their business independently and be a positive force in their communities.

    Danyun also provides a selling platform for former and ongoing projects and can serve as a bridge to connect local businesses with international customers.


    It is at the center of everything we do as a company – inspire the people to better their own lives, make advances with new technology and training, and raise the standard of living permanently.

    “Danyun brings hope through partnerships with a focus on Yunnan.”