• Work as Volunteer


    “You are welcome to become a volunteer”


    Danyun needs volunteers to help complete the following tasks:

    – Take pictures of all products to use for web shop, catalog, Facebook and other promotional event
    – Update existing website and make appropriate changes
    – Make new digital catalog and hard copy to send to customers and to use for promotional events
    – Establish interesting Facebook, Twitter and YouTube links for Danyun
    – Write a policy/guideline for how to update and maintain website, catalog, Facebook etc.
    – Train an existing employee in how to manage this in the future
    Product Development – handicraft:
    – Design a new product line of products related to the different minority groups we work with
    – Design a series of new products meeting the market and cost requirements to present to our customers
    – Develop prototypes, descriptions and patterns of products together with the women in the project
    – Making cost calculations for each product
    Administration and training:
    – Assist Danyun General Manager with administration tasks
    – Work alongside the Danyun staff on their different tasks
    – Help the Chinese staff develop their English writing and communication skills
    – Conduct assessments and implement Fair Trade policies, plans and trainings

    IS IT YOU?

    We are looking for the following personalities:

    Skills needed:
    –  Good command of English
    –  Ability to relate to children, aged 3-18, and to organize and lead workshops and creative activities
    –  Be able to work independently without a lot of supervision
    – Resourceful, flexible, and enthusiastic
    – At peace with bugs, insects, and nature!
    – A good and positive attitude
    – A willingness to learn and help others

    Your application to us should include:

    – A short description of yourself, including your skills
    – Why you are suitable and why you want to volunteer for this project
    – When you would want to start, and expected length of stay – we would like volunteers to stay for a period of at least three months

    The selection process:

    If your application indicates a strong match between your skills and our needs, we arrange interviews with applicants in person and/or via skype. Interviews are conducted at least three months before arrival, so people can prepare well in advance.  We aim at having two volunteers each three months.


    You should also be aware of the following:


    You will pay for your own accommodation in Kunming. The cost for accommodation inclusive electricity and water is 500 USD per month.

    Danyun will aim to rent an apartment within walking distance to the office, with a toilet-shower, a sitting-bed room and a cooking place. If we have two or more volunteers at the same time, we will expect them to share a flat with separate bedrooms and a shared living room, bathroom and kitchen.

    Costs of travel to any of the projects, including food and accommodation (i.e. shared accommodation at a guest house), that are scheduled as part of your work assignment will be paid by Danyun.

    Mandarin Chinese language:

    Danyun can arrange for private Mandarin Chinese lessons at a cost of $15 USD per hour. English and Chinese are used in the office, and when we are at the projects, almost all communication is in Chinese. It is therefore up to you how much you want to learn while you are here.


    Your costs will include airfare to Kunming, accommodation, food, visa, vaccinations, travel for non-work/private purposes, language lessons and the like. A budget of $50 USD per week, if you are able to eat local Chinese food.

    Questions and inquiries?

    For further information and/or clarification you can contact us at info@danyunfairtrade.com.